The Dusting Awards

Most grownups hate dusting. And rightly. But children are a different story – especially if you turn plain old “dusting” into... The Dusting Awards. It’s best done the day after a tidy up (The Tidying Awards, anyone?), so that everything is already where it should be. Here’s how to play.

  1. Announce that it’s time for The Dusting Awards and that there will be prizes for the winners.
  2. Assign each child a room (rooms without Ming vases or Fabergé eggs are best).
  3. Arm them with cleaning cloth. A small spray bottle full of water can help, too.
  4. Break things down into small, manageable tasks, e.g. first dust your shelves.
  5. Give them a time limit for the task in hand (search YouTube for “fun timers”).
  6. Once all the tasks are done, inspect the work and give out treats (wholesome ones, obviously).

Download our Dusting Awards sheet here.

And here’s a general chores chart, which is also handy.


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