The Shoe Sticker Trick

Little kids often put their shoes on the wrong feet. It’s just a fact of life. But there’s a good reason for it: children’s feet aren’t fully developed yet, and their arcs are far less pronounced than grownup feet. This means each foot is rather similar in shape to the other. So when they put the wrong foot in the wrong shoe, it doesn’t actually feel that wrong to them (even though it looks pretty darn weird to us).

Anyhow, here’s a way to get your kids putting their shoes on the right feet every time – on their own. All you need is a sticker with a picture on it (it could be anything: a dog, a bike, a birthday cake) and a pair of scissors.

Just cut the sticker in half and place one side in the insole of the left shoe and one in the insole of the right shoe. You’re basically creating a kind of mini jigsaw puzzle. Now all your little one needs to do is complete the puzzle and they will have the correct shoes on the correct feet. Clever eh?


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