Top 5 White Noise Apps

If long, deep, uninterrupted sleep is fast turning into a distant memory, you need some white noise in your life. Several studies have shown that little ones respond very well to its soothing sound; one theory being that it reminds them of the sounds they heard in the cosiest place of all: the womb. What’s more, a white noise app can do a great job of masking any other sounds in the house, so you won’t have to tiptoe around while they’re snoozing. P.s. We’re in no way affiliated with the creators of these apps, they’re just some of our favorite free ones.

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

download for Android or iOS.

Noise Generator

download for Android.

My Noise

download for Android or iOS.

Baby Sleep - White noise

Download for Android.

White Noise: sleep Sounds

download for Android.


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