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Every product we make is USDA Organic certified and Non-GMO project verified. We test our fruits and vegetables for taste, quality and the presence of any heavy metals.

Then we make sure our products are minimally processed to independently verified food safety standards to be delicious and safe – we treat them with love and respect.

Parental concern relating to heavy metals has lead the FDA to initiate an action plan called Closer to Zero to establish thresholds and provide a space for sharing and understanding the facts. We welcome and support this initiative.

Heavy Metals are naturally found in soil and water; fruits and vegetables can absorb traces of them as they grow. This is true whether you grow food in your backyard at home, buy organic produce at a farmer’s market, or packaged goods like ours from a grocery store.

Given that FDA standards don’t yet exist, here’s what we are doing to keep our products safe. Put simply, we set ourselves tough standards against which we test, test and test again.

We took our lead from Calaforinia’s Propostion 65 and the European Union’s legislation to set ourselves rigorous limits and test every ingredient and production lot to keep our products safe.

It is recognised that heavy metals are present in everything that grows naturally in the ground. So here are some tips and tricks to minimise exposure and balance against the huge benefits of having plenty of fruits and vegetables in your family’s diet.

Feed the rainbow.
According to the FDA, the best way for a family to reduce heavy metal exposure is to introduce a variety of foods, rather than consuming a narrow range of produce.
Feeding the rainbow has other benefits too. It helps to diversify the nutrients absorbed by the body and, as importantly, it helps to broaden a child’s palate and food repertoire.

Follow a healthy and varied diet.
Independent Research suggests that introducing a broad, nutrient dense and high fiber diet may support a child’s development and help prevent heavy metals accumulating in the body.